Thursday, December 07, 2006

Urban Legends Debunked!

Hey - wanna have some fun?
I am always looking out for interesting tid bits to add to my writing - especially in novel writing. But I also find it kinda useful to have a pocket full of interesting 'facts' to have at the ready when I am socialising at this time of the year too.

The good people at Maxim magazine have taken a set of Urban Legends and common myths and opened a "Debunkment" Section of their web page (yeah I know, I doubt that this is a real word!).

I 'borrowed' this pic of the laughing nun from their site too ... isn't she cute?

There are some Urban legends I hadn't even heard of before like ... using the words 'president' and 'kill' in one telephone conversation could lead to the US government recording your conversation (in the States obviously ... or phoning in to the States) .... and chewing gum taking 7 years to digest if swallowed ...

Hee hee - I'm not telling you if they're true or not. Go check them out for yourself!

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threecollie said...

Hi, I hadn't seen your blog in a while and was delighted to come across it. Love your new template. It really looks good!