Monday, December 11, 2006

Do check out Pay Per Post ...

I have fallen for as many e-scams as the next person (give or take about a million!). So I am actually quite pleased to add a new little link to my blog (Check it out over there by the other blogging resources on the right ... no lower ... where all the icons are under my visitor numbers ... yeah there!).

As you will know there aren't many legitimate deals for making money on your blog. Well Pay Per Post is one place you can earn serious blog money . And it is perfect for any blogggers who already talk about cool sites and share resources with others. The best bit is honestly that there is no unwanted advertising on your site. If you like something, you blog about it, you get paid. There are a few restrictions ... like you have to have a cool blog approved, write regularly and not just be a sales blog of some sort. But it's dead easy and no more adsense putting whatever it wants on your site!

So click on that little banner (... over there ... LOWER ... gees do I have to go thru all that again ....)

Oh bugger ... here's a link just for you lazy ones that have had too much Chrissie cheer to be able to scroll ....

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