Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fun Way To Spend On Line

I have a lovely little dirty secret people ... and whilst I realise that sharing in the blogosphere means it will no longer be secret ... it is still very very clever from a budget concious point of view.

And isn't this time of year so much about Christmas present buying?

I'm sure many of you have already learnt the beauty of doing a lot of Christmas shopping on line. I am seriously suggesting to my family that we even have 'on-line' shopping as a theme for our pressies next year. It takes the stress out of finding a car parking space that's for sure!

Now as all bloggers know, anything on line has the potential to being addictive. Therefore it stands to reason that Christmas shopping on line is a potential new addiction to add to your ever growing list.

BUT ... there is good news. The good people at Pay Per Post have a solution for this little problem (and yes this is an ad ... but it is worth thinking about ok?) . If you are willing to join the crew of people who are getting paid to blog by simply writing the occasional copy for companies you actually DO believe in... then by simply assisting companies YOU choose to advertise on blogs and by working with the PPP team, you can easily get the funds you need for your Christmas shopping addiction. I have nearly $30 US on its way to my PayPal account, which means it will already be sitting there when I want to buy on line using my Pay Pal account.

Now that is only going to cover me for one pressie this year ... but I'm already feeling good about having a full fund for 2007!

How easy is that?

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Anonymous said...

It certainly is. (Nods and winks knowingly)