Thursday, December 14, 2006

RIP Muppet Mobile

There is definately something in this Feng Shui thing ... I swear it.

When we put up our HUGE Chritsmas tree in what Feng Shui people would call our "Finance corner" of the house. I said to Stuart: "This is bad financial Feng Shui to put an artificial tree in this corner". He argued well, pointing out it is a Christmas Tree, not just any artifical plant. So we added our nativity to that corner, great lights, metallic looking decorations in silver, red and purple, and forgot the conversation really.

* Then the air conditioning broke down in our house: Bill $600+
* Excess water bill arrives (I am more disgusted that we went over our limit in these drought ridden times, than the bill to be honest): $ you don't want to know!
* Then Stuart's car needed new brakes and something done to the transmission: $1500+
*Then my car overheats and costs me unexpected coolant: $30 (small price to payI know ... but it's the point that it was unexpected in December. Who has extra money in December?)
*THEN ... my Muppet Mobile dies totally (my car, ok? Yes, it has a name!) -LOWEST quote to resurect it?: $3500

So excuse me if you don't hear from me for awhile ... I'm off looking for a LIVE tree for that corner of the house ... but with the Muppet Mobile gone I will have to walk ... and drag it home over my shoulder ...


Anonymous said...

That was a... well I want to say cute post, but a big part of me is very scared. I wonder if my house isn't 'Feng Shui' (would that be compatible?). I'm not making light either. Makes me really want to check into that now. Maybe our luck would change considerably if things were placed differently.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pamela,LOve your new format!

Your Blog for Thurs. was of much interest! NOw that is real proof of Feng Shui working!

You poor soul having all these things happening at this time of year! Perhaps this is Feng Shui working in reverse? How? By getting rid of the old and starting a new. (Think of the Positive).(:).

Have a Great Christmas and the Brightest of New Year!

Regards Adele