Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well......... happy birthday to my BLOG that is!

I can't believe it. I started blogging twelve months ago when I started the research component to my book The New Century Notebook. It had been suggested to me that perhaps the best way to learn about blogging (its ups & downs, its addictive nature, its frustrations and fun) was to become a blogger.

It was supposed to be a short term thing.

No one warned me it was so totally addictive!

Here I am, with a 12 month old blog now, wondering what happened. No longer just about the research I am still finding my blogging voice. Still creating a blogging community around me and most definately learning the more advanced things about blogging still.

I'm here to stay. NCN Blog is here to stay. There will be some change in focus from just the NCN project ... but I ain't goin' no where!

Happy Birthday Blog!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, blog! :) I love this look.