Monday, May 29, 2006

How Many Projects Is Too Many?

It's a rhetorical question. Please don't give me advice! I currently have four books on the go ... 3 non fiction, 1 fiction; 7 articles; 2 contracted freelance pieces; 2 classes to prepare; and timetables looming for July too big to mention. I have three possible consultancy pieces I am in the running for ... I also have a life (like 2 baby budgies just born in our aviary and a daughter going for her license needing extra lessons for example) ... So I ask (rhetorically again!)...
"How many projects is too many?"

Well I haven't hit the barrier yet.
This feels damn good!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Welcome to All Fellowship of Australian Writers (WA) Members

We're lucky here in Western Australia to have our own Writer's Fellowship. The Fellowship of Australian Writers (WA) supports West Australian writers through various means ... but one of my little cheery lifelines in the Fellowship news. I love the announcement of competions and workshops (even if I am not in need of one or the other at the time of reading).

"The FAW (WA) newsletter is a monthly reminder that there are others around me living the writers life ... whether it is full or part time ... writing is an obsession - not a hobby."

Thanks to any FAW (WA) who are popping by to do the journal writing survey ... I appreciate your support ... Just click on the link to the right of the blog- I appreciate responses from anyone who has has ever written in a journal ... even if only once or twice! I swear on the Australian Writers Marketplace that I don't use email addresses for anything other than the survey. If you would prefer me to email you a copy of the survey just email me on

Visit my blog on Journal Writing Tips or my professional home page if you want more resources or information.

Happy winter writing ...

How Lazy Do I Look?

Well that was a great break! But don't you dare think I was on holidays or anything. There is something about keeping a blog that make syou feel responsible for writing regularly ... responsible to whom I might ask???!!! I have been enjoying my transition to freelance writing as a profession with some exciting events and setting up new daily patterns.

I have been able to spend more time with family and friends - when I have been able to raise my head from the writing, project work and setting up my web page.
"I thought that this new life change was going to be much more lonely socially ... but it seems I was wrong."

Part of me has had to be very disciplined to make sure the work is getting done.

New habits of daily walks, and creative dates (Julia Cameron fans will recognise these) have all well an truly been integrated into daily life. Writing regularly and often has replaced mad writing when I had a snatch of time on weekends and evenings. I actually HAVE weekends and evenings off now! What a change!

All's well in freelance world ... oh and regular readers might want to check out my new web page for work! Go on! It's in my favourite colours and all (still a little graphic work to be added ... but nearly there!).

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Calling All Good Men!

OK. There are a million different reasons why people keep a journal or personal blog. We know you guys do it in the secrecy of your own heads (journal writing) and we know there are more men blogging than women (*sigh*). I need to hear from men who keep journals or personal blogs for my research ....

"Come on guys! Email me!"

Seriously - I would love to hear from a few more guys who keep a journal or blog about their experiences. Shoot me off your email (my address is in my profile) and I will send you a survey. You guys need to be represented ... I'm giving you one more chance ... :-)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's all relative in journal land ...

Today I am going to be spending the day working on an idea given to me by my cousin. She is an amazing support to me as a writer - and I have mentioned her before. Somewhere in my childhood she gave me the courage to even dream being a writer ... and then to be one. She has been a support to my journey, quietly and in the background.

When you write a book it is diificult to keepo focussed. I never have a problem with what to write about ... it comes thick and fast.

"For me the problem is how to put a lasso around it an wheel it in!"

Dayle has given me a concept for New Century Notebook that is unique and driven. It could be a whole book. It could be a good second book. But I want it in NCN as a chapter. I have been trialling the diary technique she gave me and it works for me ... I have a couple of trusted friends trying it too. It works for them. It works for Dayle.

How does it feel to write about an idea thats seeds sat with someone else? How does it feel to be given the gift of an idea as a writer ... like literally a letter saying "Here - you have it".


Monday, May 08, 2006

My New Work Space

I couldn't be happier about where I write from ... I mean if you love your homespace, then working from home is a real treat. It takes a lot of discipline not to get caught up in domestic and family distractions, but that is a small price to pay.

Knowing that I would be full time writing from home (apart from a little bit of consulting and lecturing), I must admit we did a major clean up and re-arrange of furniture. But even without having to buy anything new for the office area, we have managed to make the space very workable and oh so stimulating.

"How much more joyous can it be than to sit here with a view to our birds - and then spot a new willy wagtail visitor!"

Although we live just over the road from a lake with a wild life santurary, we still don't often have these creatures visit in our courtyard. For over a week now, a willy wagtail has visited every afternoon - about knock off time for me! I wouldn't swap this environment for the world ... well I would swap it for my lifetime dream of sailing on the QEII for a year writing a novel ... but that is the only higher bid!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Too Busy Writing To Blog

What a terrible state to be in! I have a busyness around me that is so productive right now I am scared to life my head out of it in case it goes away!

"I am busy with both the business of being a writer and of writing."

It is never easy to get a blend of the two ... and I have had it for this work week. So much so, that I have neglected blogging. If I were any more organised or any more productive I suspect that I would be a victim of spontaneous combustion.

Apologies to regular readers, famiy and friends for my absence ...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Writing Your Life

I seem to have this habit of writing my life ... and here it is! For today I want to record how it went ...

"Day one as a full time writer."

I started with my three page scribblings called morning pages (read Julia Cameron's The Artists Way for more on this); I went for a walk, observed the world, bought the paper; I interacted with my loved ones as they went off on their own daily adventures; I meditated on a piece from Anne Wilson Schaef's Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much and it spoke closely to what I need right now which is to take each day as a gift - especially the ordinary days; I sat and read the paper with a healthy breakfast; I did ten minutes of intense sorting/cleaning so that I could work in the new home environment we created on the weekend; I did some of the business of being a writer - the background activities people would never romantisise about!; I recieved a call from a dear friend wishing me "all the best for the first day in the new job"; I did some great research and took some really effetive notes; I watched a stimulating interview on TV; now I am blogging; next I will be taking another stroll; and then my writing day ends and I am just Pamela June again ...

A great first day.
The first day of the rest of my freelance career.
Thanks for joining me!