Friday, May 05, 2006

Too Busy Writing To Blog

What a terrible state to be in! I have a busyness around me that is so productive right now I am scared to life my head out of it in case it goes away!

"I am busy with both the business of being a writer and of writing."

It is never easy to get a blend of the two ... and I have had it for this work week. So much so, that I have neglected blogging. If I were any more organised or any more productive I suspect that I would be a victim of spontaneous combustion.

Apologies to regular readers, famiy and friends for my absence ...

1 comment: said...

We except your appologies for being absent from your Blogging. You don't know how disappointing to Log-in to your writings and there is no updates.

Good to hear though that you have been writing in other areas.