Thursday, May 25, 2006

How Lazy Do I Look?

Well that was a great break! But don't you dare think I was on holidays or anything. There is something about keeping a blog that make syou feel responsible for writing regularly ... responsible to whom I might ask???!!! I have been enjoying my transition to freelance writing as a profession with some exciting events and setting up new daily patterns.

I have been able to spend more time with family and friends - when I have been able to raise my head from the writing, project work and setting up my web page.
"I thought that this new life change was going to be much more lonely socially ... but it seems I was wrong."

Part of me has had to be very disciplined to make sure the work is getting done.

New habits of daily walks, and creative dates (Julia Cameron fans will recognise these) have all well an truly been integrated into daily life. Writing regularly and often has replaced mad writing when I had a snatch of time on weekends and evenings. I actually HAVE weekends and evenings off now! What a change!

All's well in freelance world ... oh and regular readers might want to check out my new web page for work! Go on! It's in my favourite colours and all (still a little graphic work to be added ... but nearly there!).

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