Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's all relative in journal land ...

Today I am going to be spending the day working on an idea given to me by my cousin. She is an amazing support to me as a writer - and I have mentioned her before. Somewhere in my childhood she gave me the courage to even dream being a writer ... and then to be one. She has been a support to my journey, quietly and in the background.

When you write a book it is diificult to keepo focussed. I never have a problem with what to write about ... it comes thick and fast.

"For me the problem is how to put a lasso around it an wheel it in!"

Dayle has given me a concept for New Century Notebook that is unique and driven. It could be a whole book. It could be a good second book. But I want it in NCN as a chapter. I have been trialling the diary technique she gave me and it works for me ... I have a couple of trusted friends trying it too. It works for them. It works for Dayle.

How does it feel to write about an idea thats seeds sat with someone else? How does it feel to be given the gift of an idea as a writer ... like literally a letter saying "Here - you have it".


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