Monday, May 08, 2006

My New Work Space

I couldn't be happier about where I write from ... I mean if you love your homespace, then working from home is a real treat. It takes a lot of discipline not to get caught up in domestic and family distractions, but that is a small price to pay.

Knowing that I would be full time writing from home (apart from a little bit of consulting and lecturing), I must admit we did a major clean up and re-arrange of furniture. But even without having to buy anything new for the office area, we have managed to make the space very workable and oh so stimulating.

"How much more joyous can it be than to sit here with a view to our birds - and then spot a new willy wagtail visitor!"

Although we live just over the road from a lake with a wild life santurary, we still don't often have these creatures visit in our courtyard. For over a week now, a willy wagtail has visited every afternoon - about knock off time for me! I wouldn't swap this environment for the world ... well I would swap it for my lifetime dream of sailing on the QEII for a year writing a novel ... but that is the only higher bid!

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Betty said...

Hello Pamela. Thank you for visiting my lately-neglected blog. Now I can't recall exactly what you asked me about- an interview, I think- and yes, it sounds interesting. I like your blog and choices of issues to focus on.