Thursday, May 25, 2006

Welcome to All Fellowship of Australian Writers (WA) Members

We're lucky here in Western Australia to have our own Writer's Fellowship. The Fellowship of Australian Writers (WA) supports West Australian writers through various means ... but one of my little cheery lifelines in the Fellowship news. I love the announcement of competions and workshops (even if I am not in need of one or the other at the time of reading).

"The FAW (WA) newsletter is a monthly reminder that there are others around me living the writers life ... whether it is full or part time ... writing is an obsession - not a hobby."

Thanks to any FAW (WA) who are popping by to do the journal writing survey ... I appreciate your support ... Just click on the link to the right of the blog- I appreciate responses from anyone who has has ever written in a journal ... even if only once or twice! I swear on the Australian Writers Marketplace that I don't use email addresses for anything other than the survey. If you would prefer me to email you a copy of the survey just email me on

Visit my blog on Journal Writing Tips or my professional home page if you want more resources or information.

Happy winter writing ...

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