Monday, July 24, 2006

Weekly Journal Challenge July 24 2006

I'm following up on a promise to regular readers of Journal Writing Tips with a weekly idea, challenge, tip for journal writers.

Journals are reflections on the lives we lead. Somehow, the process of writing allows us an opportunity to think back and digest the day ... or even to predict the day we want to have if we are writing in the morning.

Journallers choose a wide variety of topics to write about. Most people seem to just write whatever is at the top of their heads ... but I was surprised in the New Century Notebook Project, how many people wrote for one or two specific points to digest. For example the dream journal or the mothering journal.

However another way many journal writers reflect is by writing fiction in their journal.
I've done this myself where I have a couple of characters I am working on for a story (or my 'great Australian novel' I have yet to finish!). Reflecting on your life through fiction is fun. At the very least it gives you a chance to totally control a life!

So for this week ... try some fiction writing in your journal and see how it reflects (or doesn't!) what your week looks like.

Have some fun ...

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