Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Student Journals

Any college or Uni students out there with (good or bad) experiences of journal writing for assignments?
I would love to hear from you.

The second semester of Uni starts in just over a week and I am lecturing in a unit with one assignment that is a reflective journal ... and I am trying to be a nice lecturer (!) and write up some handy notes for them for this assignment ...

And ... well ... you all know I love to write about, think about, learn about, chat about and blog about journal writing!

Email (you can find the address in my personal profile) or comments on the blog are all cool!


Anonymous said...

If they have to hand them in each week, make a point of marking them with lots of feedback and givng them back quickly. We had to wait too long for ou feedback. Too little too late.

Kate said...

I sort of had the same experience as Anonymous. Whenever we had journal writing, the professor never actually collected them or did anything with them until the end of the term. Pretty pointless in my view. And of course, college students being what they are, most of us put off the journals until a few days before they had to be turned in, which meant they were very low quality. At least plan some lecture discussions around the journals so people will actually do them and they remain relevant to the course. Nice blog, by the way. :-)