Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Saying Goodbye

I never actually finish a journal. And I just realised that finishing the book is as awful an experience as facing the new blank pages of a new one ...

This might seem a little strange to those of you who follow this blog and KNOW what a journalling addict I am. I mean who else would do research on journal writing and blogging but an absolute addict.

I decide I am at the end of a journal when I am about four or five pages out from the end. So none of my journals are actually full (or you could say none of them are completed). I don't sign off with any emotional goodbyes. I don't wax lyrical and muse about the closing of a chapter or anything like that. I actually just get on with it. Decide to stop. And then worry about starting the new one (after all there are those damn new blank pages to worry about again).

So I am retiring my latest baby ... my red silk journal. I am so going to miss her string that I open and close her with. It has become a routine I enjoy ... so I thought I might just share the last entry that I wrote just for fun this time ...
"This page has been left blank intentionally!"


Mr. Fabulous said...

I finished the Wall Street Journal once.


Okay. I'll go.

Steve Hayes said...

I used to write in wirebound notebooks, then when I went to study in England I couldn't get them, so used bound minute books. Then came Sidekick, which let me writwe popup dated notes at any time, and at first I transferred them to my books, where I stuck photos, but got behind, and now I'm transcribing the books into a computer database, over 14000 entries, and still counting.

What it means, though, is that I can search and find when something happened, or whemn I met oneome, pretty well sintantly, if I bothered to record it at the time, that is!