Monday, July 17, 2006

Variety Adds Spice To Your Journal (or Blog)

OK good people ... try something new this week ...

For those of you who were regular readers on Journal Writing Tips or Blog Writing Tips ... here is proof that I will share writing ideas on my New Century Notebook blog ... a new weekly spot now christened Variety and Spice!

For a week ... or a day ... or even just one teeny tiny post or page in your journal ... take the perspective of your pet for the day. What would they say? How would they see the world? What might their perception be about the things that you regularly write about ....???

Get those creative juices flowing ... and immortalise your pet!

(This pic is Max-A-Million by the way ... same pup in my profile pic! She loves being infamous - I suspect it has gone to her head!)


otilius said...

cute doggie...but "immoralise" my pet? certainly not!


Pamela J Weatherill said...

Oh dear! I am the queen of typos ... I really must slow down ... what kind of household do we run for our dog huh!!???

Vanya said...

cute dog!