Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How It All Works!

I am so sorry to cause such a fuss.
As regular readers know, I have had a recent sea change. The sea change has been to make a really brave move to become a full time writer (with some workshops, freelance projects and lecturing thrown in the mix!). It has meant a series of streamlining projects in my life...

Try being my partner or kids at the moment as all our activities, household systems, chore rosters, and communication methods are all being revamped, decluttered and streamlined. I mean *I* think this kind of thing is fun!

How and what I write needs to go through the same streamlniing process. Once again regular readers will know that New Century Notebook was first written as a way for me to learn about blogging ... my usual M.O. is if I research something I want to do waht I can to experience it. And thus this blog was born ... and I have decided it will stay too!

Then I got addicted. (Yeah I'm looking straight at YOU ... you are addicted to blogging, journal writing or chocloate or something too aren't you?).

This led to three more blogs. Then I had to set up a business web site Delivering Your Vision. All needed maintaining ... and ... I needed to have time to write the stuff that pays the bills too!

So .... for regular readers ... this blog will evolve - with thanks to your feedback. For readers of Blog Writing Tips or Journal Writing Tips ... this blog will include at least a weekly tip. For Blog of Lists readers ... I will make sure there is a weekly list too. HOWEVER if anyone is interested in taking over any of these blogs they are free to make a bid to d so (no money will exhange hands ... I just wanna know who you are!). For an addicted blogger, BLog Writing Tips is regularly in the top 70 of Top Blog Sites!

Long term I am hoping to have the New Century Notebook Blog attached to my web page too ... but that is another story ... unless someone wants to help me by designing a really fun template!!!!


Anji said...

I'm exhausted just reading that! I hope all of your projects, streamlining etc go well

Pamela J Weatherill said...

Thanks Anji! I am getting there. Decluttering one's life is a good thing ... I think!