Friday, July 28, 2006

Getting Sacked For Blogging!

This isn't just a heading to catch the attention of bloggers ok? This is for real. One of the higher standard personal diary bloggers in this little blogging community got the sack this week for blogging.

Now let's get this straight.

He didn't blog in work time.

He didn't bag his company.

He didn't put down his co-workers.

He didn't write anonymously and try to hide who he was.

He recorded some of the events linked to his work ... like anyone in any diary or journal or blog would do.

But it was never negative.

In fact he promoted the community service of donating blood and his company in a positive way ... and regular readers knew this position was something this blogger was passionate about.

Is this a warning for other bloggers (some of whom I read who say really baaaaaad stuff about where they work?)? Or is this just "anti free-speech" gone mad? How is this any different than people's private journals being read by the establishement in dictator states? How is this any different than some blogs being banned in India? China? Dammit this guy lives in the USA ...

I'm still trying to work out what it all means to be honest. Still in shock.

Anyway ... he has a lovely funny way about writing about the ordinary things in life ... So go visit Mr Fab on Pointless Drivel (otherwise known as Mango Boy here) ... And Mr Fab .... I am really sorry that you had this damned awful experience ...


Semaj said...

Yeah, I read about this on another blog. That does suck. I wonder if I have anything on my site that could get me fired from my job…

kattbanjo said...

its really sad to see it happen. It makes me afraid that someone I know might find mine. I may go ban=ck to my written diary instead of my online one.