Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Max-A-Million's Inaugural Entry

Finally she let me have my say! I swear it wasn't until people told her how cute I looked on this site that she thought that I might have an audience. Notice how no one said how cute she looks ...ha ha. She's ok for a people, but there are times her ego gets in the way of us having a good time!

The day started with the usual being kicked out to the backyard to wander the garden and relieve myself. Nothing abnormal to report. The aviary was noisy ... damn budgies are getting louder by the day. Ever since the babies were born the whole aviary has gone to cr*p.

She made it obvious we were walking up to the P.O. again today. Gees I hate that walk. I like the bit where I get to smell and pee on the verges on our street, but then after that there's that stupid noisy road to deal with and she won't let me just take off and run where I want. Oh no.
"We have to wait for that silly beep beep beep noise before we cross the road."
Anyway, the people from our little neck of the woods were their usual friendly selves. I have fun looking all cute ... then when they bend down to pat me I just ignore them ... it's a cool game to get people to do stuff!!!

She's been writing at that damn computer again all day. No visitors. Rather boring really. Oh Dad did pop home at lunchtime and gave me some of his sandwhich. He's always an easy target for scraps though. No challenge in that.

I did my usual thing ... lying in the sun, dealing with Pickles the cat and keeping HIM in order, and I'm just looking forward to her getting off her butt and playing with me really ...

So the life of a puppy superstar really isn't all that spectacular people ... so I'll let her do the entries from here on in ... unless there are enough fans wanting me to return!


Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't think she is telling the whole story. What about the feces eating scandal of last year? Or the flea problem that threatened to tarnish her superstar status?

The public demands to know!

Anonymous said...

Max-A-Million needs her own blog .. she is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Let Max-A-Million shine a little more often ... how sweet ... she might even tell some of your secrets to us ha ha ha

JM said...

What an adorable pup! I'd bet her blog would have quite the readership.