Sunday, February 05, 2006

The New Century Notebook Project Survey

The New Century Notebook Project Survey

What is the New Century Notebook Project?

The New Century Notebook (NCN) Project is a research project which aims to capture a snap shot of the use of journals*, diaries, blogs, electronic diaries and personal notebooks in the 21st Century.

In the book I am writing The New Century Notebook I want to collect the broadest range of responses possible to ensure that all the different ways people keep a ‘journal’ are collected. Or even reasons why people choose not to sometimes. From paper based journals like blank books, dated diaries, travel diaries, scrapbooks and visual diaries to the electronic journal formats such as electronic diary software, word processing files kept on computer and on line diaries and Blogs

As a fellow journal keeper (or any shape, format or content) I would really love to hear from you to help me capture this picture. I have a few questions – you can answer as long or short as you like. Please also feel free to send this project survey to your family or friends who might be interested in taking part … you can check out the impact this survey is having (like how many countries get covered and how many people respond) as well as the path I am taking in writing this book by visiting my blog . Thanks for at least taking the time to look at this … you might see your ideas in print really soon!

Feel free to email me if you would like me to send you a copy of the survey to just complete and post back to me on email at: this is also my contact email address if you have any further questions about the project. If you want you can just cut and paste from the one below ...

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say … fill in as little or as much as you like as all questions are optional – add more comments if you wish – and send me your on line addresses so I can visit you too, but only if you are happy for me to recommend them in my publication when it is complete. I am just as happy to hear from people who have written journals in the past but choose not to anymore as well.

(For ease of writing the survey I have used the term journal. This might mean – visual diary, diary, notebook, on line diary, blog, audio log, video diary or scrap book as well as other formats …).

Thanks – Pamela Weatherill.

About You:
  • Male or female?

  • Age?

  • Country in which you currently reside?

  • Homepage (or Blog or on line diary address) – if you have one that you don’t mind being cited in publication. You may give me an address and note that it is NOT for publication If you wish.

  • Occupation (or area of study if you are a student).

  • If you have a preference for a fake name for me to use if I refer to you in the book please let me know! You may also include a short sentence to describe yourself!

Early experiences of journal writing:
  • What early experiences do you have of journal writing? (How old were you? What or who inspired you to give it a try?).

  • Do you have any particular stories related to these early experiences? (Perhaps a sibling reading your diary, or reasons why you stopped or continued to write? What did you write about?).

Current or recent journal experiences:

  • What forms do your journals take now? (e.g. dated diary, online blog or diary, diary software, visual diary, audio or video diary, scarp book or artists log. If you use blank books – what kind – recycled old exercise books or do you perhaps make your own?). Please note if you have more than one format.

  • Where do you usually write and how often?

  • What do you record in your ‘journal’? If you have more than one type then what do you record in each type?

  • What tools do you use for your journal recording? (Pen types, pencils, PC, notebook computer, library computer, cut out pictures, crayons etc etc).

  • Where do you keep your journal tools?

  • Do you have any special routines linked to the journal process? (Perhaps you only ever write in bed, or in a local cafĂ©).

  • Have you follow any “rules” for your journal recording? (Even if they are just rules you set for yourself).

  • What do you get from the journal process? Does it hold a purpose in your life?

  • What do you think is the most important part of the journal journey – the process or the product? Why?

  • What audience do you write for in your journal? Would you ever consider publication (if it isn’t already available to the public)?

  • Do you share your journal with anyone?

  • If you record your journal in both a digital and paper based format – how does the format change what you record?

Forms of Inspiration

  • Have you read any books, web sites or articles that have inspired different ways to journal? What were they and what impact did it have on your journal experience? Particular authors, films or events?

  • Are there people who have inspired your journal process in some way? (Perhaps a teacher, counsellor or workshop facilitator).

  • Is there any person, thing or event that inhibits what you record?

  • Have you had any “journal moments” of synchronicity?

  • How do you react when you view or read or past journal entries? Give examples.

  • Are there any workshop topics that you might attend as a journal recorder?

Inspire Others!

  • What tips or techniques have you used that others might enjoy trying?

  • What does the journal process bring to your life (or take away from your life?).

  • Do you have a journal recording story you would like to share here? Or any other comments you would like to make …

A picture is worth a thousand words …

If you have a digital picture of your journal, a journal entry, a hand made scrapbook, or an entry from a video or audio log that you would like to share – with the possibility of being published in the book please send it to my email address by a separate email.
I hate spam and use spam filters …

… I will not use your return email address except to send you an acknowledgement that I received your submission…unless you choose to correspond with me.

However if you wish to watch the progress of the book and my response to your responses … feel free to visit my blog where the whole background to the book is in place …

Thanks again

Please note that by sending me an email with data contained in it that you are consenting to the anonymous use of any responses (in whole or part) for international publication in written and digital formats, as well as use for public presentations and workshops. Please ensure that you are not breaching any previous copyright with your responses or by sending me any digital photographs of your journals.