Saturday, February 25, 2006

How Do you Write Book With Complex Concepts?

I'm not saying the the New Century Notebook will have such complexity - but the question still stands. I went to see the movie Syriana today. I went because I want to be able to view stories from many perspectives- Syriana achieves this. It's not a 'nice' film. It certainly isn't a 'feel good' film. As the by line claims so accurately "Everything is Connected". It was a reminder that every action we take (for our jobs, in our daily lives, with our families) might have an impact on a global level. And I'm not talking about the things we already understand well in the western world. Not environmental concerns - that wasn't even a part of the whole oil industry debate in the movies ... but concerns about real people and real lives. And until we all understand how our decisions (especially those of us who vote or buy shares) might impact on the lives of faceless people in countries we know little about then the world just isn't going to get better for the ordinary person. Of all the storylines in the movie ... the background storly lines about the migrant workers in the oil rich countries was the most moving. Their lives being the most fragile of all - inside this complex system.

"So how does one write a book about a complex system and a complex subject?"

I am struggling just for New Century Notebook. Sometimes I feel like there are mulitple books (tody I would write three!). Sometimes I feel like there is no book at all. I admire people who write well to get a complex message across. And I admire even more the writers who make me think - and maybe even change my own actions in order to make the world a better place.


Diana Metz said...

I think if you really FEEL the hardships you want to write about they will come out in your work. So many writers toss in hot topics just to try and grab a piece of the action. The best writers slip the complex subjects in without being obvious about it.

Pamela J Weatherill said...

Oh you are so so right ... I just wish I had the talent to write that well. But you are so spot on ... the best way to even practice getting there is to feel it ... and write what we feel ... Thanks for popping by!