Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Basic Tools

Reading and writing consistently are the basic tools to the whole writing craft. I have had some serious synchronicity in my reading and writing experiences lately. All of the events have led me to the same path.
Remember where the creativity comes from ... read regularly and widely ... write in as disciplined a way as you can ... less writing but more often is the best method in a busy life ... write in the early morning ... walk daily... and make efforts to view the world around you as the artist you are.
I have lost touch a little with where the creativity required for my art comes from. Now I have to say that I have had some really clear events, readings and conversations to remind me. I need to be more grateful for that aspect of my life. Live in abundance about writing ... not in a mood of scarcity about time or resources. The source is an endless one and is always ripe for the using ... and for that I am very grateful.

As far as reading goes ... well tell me to put a good book down and just see the reaction!

As for writing regularly - I am fine there ... just struggle with writing much in the early mornings ... like does it really have to be early in the morning :-) Someone please redefine early as any time before midnight!!!

As far as viewing the world as an artist ... always. Well I do carry my collection of blank books wherever I go, but I often miss writing down the thoughts in my head. The thoughts don't count until you can express them in black and white (or purple and white or blue and white ... whatever pen colour you prefer!). While it's all a process - the product is king.

Oh the survey responses hit 68 today .... keep them rolling in people! Thanks!

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