Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So many ideas so little time!

On a night like tonight I so wish I could write full time. When it flows it flows. I had everything on demand tonight. I tried writing on the new notebook (what a luxury to choose where to sit!). I still don't have it set up for the internet so I couldn't get distracted by emails and internet searching (or the new bloggng addiction). I grabbed my red leather notebook that I had been collecting ideas in, copied a few from my whiteboard that I had just quickly written there as I was wandering around the house engaged in other activities, and sat in front of a blank screen.

And it happened. Like it always does.

With a basic framework from my ideas last week I began to write. The format and structure grows and develops in an evolutionary way as you begin to actually put pen to paper (font to screen!).

It has taken on a life of its own. Damn the fact I need to sleep so I can go to my day job.


Nothing is as exciting as writing and having it flow. Nothing matches this feeling.

There is so much to say. Now I get confused what to say here, what to put in my red leather journal and what to write in the book draft. And then I go to my bedroom and my red silk journal calls me. Wow.

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