Monday, February 20, 2006

What's the Difference Between Blogs and Journals?


Ok ok ok - I'll stop yelling. But only long enough to praise blank books and journals once again - oh and to say thanks to everyone who was so sweet as to email me in support of my little glitch. Who knows what happened? But I got a clear message this has happened to others too! It was a real pain but most of this Blog is fixed now at least. It's a shame I lost so much formatting ... but at least I didn't loose any content huh!
"I survived my first technological blog disaster - just not happily!"
I think it's important to note that the little technical glitch really got to me at an emotional level ... interesting huh! Like one of my technical staff at work reminded me "It's technology ... it's gonna happen". A saying I usually profess around the office when the server is down!

Upwards and onwards!


new illuminati said...

Journal is a MUCH better term than 'blog' or even 'weblog'. What a lousy marketing idea these terms actually were...

Pamela J Weatherill said...

That's funny! I hadn't thought of this before :-)

alyceclover said...

When I first asked "what's a blog" after hearing about them several years ago, the word was a turn-off and the few blogs I read were enough to make me ignore them till now. My website has a blog and I had to rename it "News" nah, "Posts" not quite right, that's how much I dislike the word Blog. So yes Journal is better. And yes, I panic, what if, and why not write it offline!