Sunday, February 19, 2006

How not to write a book while working full time

Writing can get really hard sometimes. I hold down a demanding full time job, have a family and a life! I keep trying so hard to make writing come first. I never seem to succeed. This week has been really hard. Even with my new addiciton to blogging I haven't probably written more than 2000 words all up. Any writer here knows that that isn't going to write a best seller!

"Never let life get in the way
of writing about the life inside your head"

There are so many things that can take us away from the writing - and I am not even trying to procrastinate. There is something about energy - not just creative energy - that makes it difficult to balance everything we face on a weekly basis. I did not even read that much this week, and I know for me that the two go hand in hand.

At least in this project, there are people out there really supporting me with writing survey responses (Thank you so much!) and I kinda feel like at least in the reading of these and corresponding with people that I am in touch with the project. The passion lives on easily for me ... it is just time and energy and time and energy and time and energy.

This has been a struggle week. Next week I am prioriting the time to write. End of story.


alyceclover said...

Through out life often wished there was a machine that would record my thoughts and put them straight on paper, because a slightly remembered quote a thought not recorded is a thought lost. And darn life got in the way, some of my rush scribbled notes to jog memory never brought back the 'brillant' words I'd writen earlier, in my head.

Pamela J Weatherill said...

I am so with you there. My fiance bought me a digital recorder (really small and portable - you can pop it in your handbag). It works a treat and because it is digital you can upload your recordings to your PC! Try it!