Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What a difference a word makes ...

I struggle to find the right words too often. Every time you read articles about being a writer they tell you to write all the time. Write whenever you can. Write regularly. I do. I am addicted to writing. I remember when I was doing Julia Cameron's The Artists' Way how difficult it was to give up reading and writing for just one week. An addiction is an addiction after all. No amount of writing (or reading) prepares you to have the right word at the exact moment you need it.

Having a word 'on the tip of your pen' is so much more frustrating than having it 'on the tip of your tongue'. I make a point of doing vocabulary increasing exercises - I even read the In crease Your Word Power' section of Readers' Digest when I find a copy in a waiting room! Whenever I hear a word I don't know I look it up in the dictionary and then also read a few more. I read new authors and different texts all the time so that I am exposed to new language(it's also useful to be addicted to reading). But there are still not enough words for me to draw from and... I am not yet skilled enough to pull them together to make the most of them.

It shouldn't matter when it's in your personal journal I suppose. But I do like to get things right. Even in private and without an audience.

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