Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Sex will do it probably. I have been wondering why people choose to have anonymous blogs. I suspect it is part of the fear factor all journallers and bloggers go through. This is usually related to someone you know reading your journal - a little theme lately. It also takes me back to the entry on The Bride Stripped Bare. Writing a whole book anonymously (though I am still skeptical about that!). Most people who write journals secretly (or not so secretly) also desire something else - fame! They want readers. So why and when don't people want readers? Or is it that people just don't want readers that they know because the personal is too hard to deal with ... I am going in circles, but there are some real questions around this ... all to be had.

An anonymous blog. Would it change things? Is there personal power in it?

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Annalee Blysse said...

Not for me... at least not most days. Once when I wrote a letter of complaint to an airlines I did it anonymously. I really didn't want them to call me, but I wanted to share my opinion.