Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mystery Solved

If I ever doubted that work uses up a lot of my creative energy, I doubt no longer. Returning to work after an effective 10 day break (no matter how much you love the work), makes it really difficult to stay in that creative mode that you enter when you are relaxed and have the freedom of no time tables.

Four days back into the new year at work and I feel emotionally and creatively tired and hungry. I have written in my new red silk journal each day ... but some days only just enough to say I have not broken the writing habit. This is difficult to maintain - I much prefer being able to immerse myself in my imagination and own thoughts for days on end. Even going to the movies to see Narnia didn't whet my appetite (though I did love the movie).

For now I will act "as if". And maintain the habits ... and perhaps the rest will just follow if I believe ...

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