Friday, January 13, 2006

The Community Nature of Blogs

I didn't stop to think about the impact of having a blog on relationships around me. For example:

* My mother and many of my family and friends overseas and living in different towns and states can have a daily insight into my life and thoughts.
* My kids are getting tired of me talking about it all the time (but that is no different to any of my projects. I get obsessed about things all the time when I am excited).
* Friends are getting into it and either emailing or asking me about the things I write.
* People start talking to me about the blog and what it is about, or about setting one up for themselves) Get on to it Brad!
My poor partner sees parts of our life in the internet for all to read! (See kitten story in )
* People who don't know me that well interact and see me in a different light because of the blog or its content.
* I am meeting people on the internet who have an interest in the blog or topics.

When you start a blog you do think about things like ... how you might (or might not) edit what you write. You set it up thinking about the audience and your own needs for writing it and how to balance that. My brother actually asked me if it feels strange to have my life on the web ... and I was thinking that what I write isn't too personal at all - especially when compared to my red silk notebook. I am not sure it really lets anyone in at all ... it is no different to the things I would talk to people about (if they cared to listen), but perhaps some conversations I would choose which people in my life to have them with ... and this way I just don't control who 'listens' in ... But that shouldn't matter anyway if you are living an authentic kinda life ...

I am thinking way too much about it at the moment ... .my head is having real trouble getting order in to the book ... and it isn't getting any easier ... I get scared .... But that's a topic for another time ...

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