Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tristine Rainer

I am so excited by the littlest of things. I was doing some online research for the introduction to New Century Notebook, looking to see if there was a new edition of The New Diary, the book which changed my entire relationship with diary writing as a young teenage girl. My current book sits above me as I type and is falling to bits. It was quoted in my thesis when I was 'brave' enough to insist sections of my personal journal were included in my academic these (Long story!). It was my strength when I thought there was such a thing as the "right way to write a diary" (how far I have come!). It was on the reading list for many units I taught at University.

Instead I found Tristine Rainer and her Centre for Autobiographical Studies ( I can't describe how it feels to know that she has continued the journey and didn't stop after The New Diary. Another book to read, another edition of The New Diary for me to peruse, and a whole new theoretical framework to digest looking at the web site and seeing a not for profit centre set up for autobiographical literature INCLUDING JOURNALS.

It makes me feel connected in a way I haven't since I was researching as a profession.

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