Sunday, January 08, 2006

Commercialising the blog experience

Ads on blogs is obviously a complex debate for bloggers and non bloggers. I wasn't sure whether to apply for ads on this site or not but in the end decided I would to go through the experience and also out of interest to see if it actually does create any income for the orindary blogger (which it claims it can!). It was interesting to watch my reactions through the process. Google actually 'approve' your site for ads and it was actully something I got excited about when it happened. Like what does it really matter if they approve it or not? a) I didn't really care either way as it was just an experiential thing to do and b) who are the 'google police' to approve or not approve? :-) (Aha ... see that? An email based emoticon in my blog!!!). It is a strange little world the blogging world. I do wonder how we get more people to interact with the blog and whether a straight web sight would do this more. I suspect though that perhaps having google ads might put the blog 'up' in the heirarchy of coming up when someone does a search. Who knows ....? I certainly don't want to begin to sound like a conspiracy theorist here!!!! Anyway - if you have a serious interest in journalling and you are reading this, then I sincerely hope the ads are things of interest to you that help you with your journey. (Aha ... see that? I am writing for an audience again ... oh dear ... this is all so different!).

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