Monday, January 30, 2006

What a difference a weekend makes!

I got a notebook computer! Excuse the excitement but it was "on my list" and I certainly did not expect to be getting it - but when Stuart insisted, how could I say no to him?! But let me start at the beginning!

Clare and I went stationary shopping so she could get ready for TAFE for next week. A harmless exercise you might think? Well to those of us addicted to blank books this is never a cheap or quick exercise. And while my daughter appears to have been spared from my blank book addiction, she definately has the genetic predisposition for stationary addiction! So we make a good pair for this exercise and were happy to take orders for purchases from Stuart and Simon with us. I mean what a great reason to go up and down every isle of Office Works.

Our first "blank book" excitement came from the outrageous prices of exercise books at Office Works at the moment. While I recognise that these are at the bottom end of the blank book scale, they are still blank books. Addicts reading this page will understand that despite the fact that neither Clare or I needed an exercise book for anything right now, we had to buy 20! Why 20? Well good consumers that we are, the sign said "limit of 20 per customer". Why 20? Well the damn things were only 1c each!!!!! A bargain even if you don't need them ...

We took about eight steps I suppose when we found ourselves surrounded by some classy blank books! In Office Works no less. This was a little of a shock. You expect the run of the mill, the cool coloureds and perhaps exercise books with the latest movie characters on them .... but leather bound? Or the Lattern Paper ones? I really shouldn't advertise that Office Works has the Lattern Paper ones when they also often advertise on this site ... (sorry!) ... but it was a tad exciting.

Oh and of course I bought two ( I really did hold back ok?). And then purchased a heap of stationary (some of which was on the list and some of which was not).

I was dead happy. You know the feeling ... 'addict gets a fix' kind of happy ...

I did note that they also had their office chairs on sale for half price so I mentioned this to Stuart ... and it started again ....

Next thing I knew we had been out shopping again (leaving Clare at home happy with her stash!!) ... and he bought me a Notebook Computer. I mean of coures I am excited ... the name of the book depends on a notebook computer! My blog (which seriously could become addictive) depends on it too. And now *I* depend on having that portability. What changes will this bring?

Watch this space because I am about to become dangerous! (Aren't all addicts?)

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