Monday, September 25, 2006

Look Good Online

Hey we all want to look good right?

Well one kind blogger (who wants to remain anonymous) has been following the "who reads your journal" theme this month, and told me about new recruitment practices where a recruiter will check out applicants profiles on line and use this information to determine their employability!

As an HR professional I find this a little sneaky ... after all we all have private lives which we are allowed to keep from potential employers because in most developed countries there are strict privacy laws which prohibit using personal information on applicants UNLESS they have provided it. And we are all allowed to have a life out of work, that doesn't determine our professional standing ... but then I am often a little naive ...

Now I am the first one to suggest not using your hotmail or gmail email address on your resume if it is something like ... but it looks like you need to do more than that these days ...

But wait ... there's help!

You can improve your on line image by taking some of the advice in this article ... phew!


CyberCelt said...

Here for Click & Comment Monday. I use a separate email for business communication than I use for my life.

I am applying to rent from you.

rebeleyeball said...

Nothing worse than being "outted" at work. But if you just don't talk about it, all the hoopla fades quickly.