Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Student Journals - Presentation

So sorry about the lack of entries guys! As you know blogger was giving me a hard time. I thopught students deserved the first real entry back ...

Journal presentation ... this is an issue often raised, but with no easy answer other than "Check with the lecturer invovled". Referencing, whether you can hand in a blank book you have been writing in instead of a word processed doc etc are all real questions. I have students in my Interpersonal Skills class who do some really creative stuff with their journals to get their point across. I absolutely love this ... but some lecturers (even for the same subject) might not. So always ask. We're a funny bunch of people us lecturers. Never assume we will all want the same thing.

You know those quasi journals ... the ones that are really mini assignments. They should look like any normal assignment in presentation. Be careful of those "journal" assignments that are really a reading log or similar assignment and thus no different that many other assignments in terms of presentation and use of the first person etc etc ...

ASK. It is rare that a lecturer is found biting a student for asking questions!!!!

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