Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pens & Stuff!

I figured it was time for more news from the surveys!

So many people responded about the tools they used to write their journals and blogs with.

Journal writers sometimes said they just used whatever pen was available ... but many people responded as much about what pen or other tools they used to write their journal as they did regarding what kind of journal or blank book they wrote in.

I've raved on about my purple pen obsession before on this blog so I will save you the rant and rave, but in doing this research I discovered that I wasn't the only one. Some people had specific pens for their journal only. Others used coloured pens, pencils and yes, crayons. One journaller told me all about the special ink pen from their grandfather that was used for their journalling - which meant the paper in the blank books they bought had to be able to take ink from a fountain pen.

Bloggers had their obsessions too. Like only blogging on certain computers - a few people said they would never blog on a public computer unless they really had to. Others talked about trying out blogging from their mobiles and hating the experience.

Daily habits are fun to learn about ... it really is a little peek in to the way we all make our ordinary days extroidinary.

I might go buy a new purple pen today ... just coz I can!


Bradley said...

That would be super hot! I like to use pink pens, and I took one of those black Mead composition books and I totally decorated the cover with purple flames and pictures and stuff. Loves it.

Anji said...

I like purple pens too!

I love the new look.