Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Reading Other People's Journals

Some questions to ponder ...

Is there ever a time when it is appropriate ... or 'ok' to read someone else's journal?

Would you ever read a journal you came across by accident? In any circumstance?

What would intrigue you about someone else's journal?

Do you mind other people reading your journal?

Should a journal be secret at all costs ... even if reading it might uncover information which would assist another person?

Be honest here ... comment anonymously if you like ...

How much of a voyeur are you? Are there times and cicumstances where that is ok?


The Foo said...

don't think reading someone's journal is ever an "accident", do you?

i think it is ok only when the owner says it is ok.

if I had a journal - I probably won't want anyone else reading it because it disrupts the free flow and openmindedness of ever writing a journal i.e. you may have that subconscious feeling of writing not to insult/ hurt someone's feelings rather than writing something honestly from your heart.

reading someone elses journal may cause friendships to be broken as well - it is best left alone.

jsdaughter said...

I started an online journal when my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.. no one in my family but my mother knew about a for a very long time. It helped me tremendously when people read and commented... After my mother passed away, I decided to continue with my journal in her memory, in hopes that it may help other women..

Melody Blue said...

I have a notebook full of letters that I keep off and on for awhile. I'm considering letting my girlfriend read it... some of the letters are to other girls I've been with, one is to her. I've let my ex read it before (although they were different letters then).

I'd only let the people closest to me read it though.

I'm still not sure if I will let my gurl read it yet.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Well to be honest, most of these questions depend on whether or not I am stalking this particular person...