Thursday, September 21, 2006

Are Journals Really Private?

Ok ok ok. I get it. This theme is obviously hitting a spot with many readers.

I have had emails from people who are sure the FBI is watching them via their personal diary blog. Other emails from people assuming I asked the question about reading diaries because they thought I was promoting it as an activity. Emails from people with stories about reading journals or having their journals read.
One would be forgiven for thinking that reading of personal journals is an epidemic.
I don't like that.

Personal blogs are one thing. If you put it on the 'net it's fair game. And we are all learning that employers, family, the media, the law enforcement agencies will all use what you write to hold it against you if you are being a naughty blogger. We don't need warning for that.

However. As one person commenting on the last post questioned ... do you ever really 'accidentally' come across someone's journal?

So unless someone choose to share it with you ... do you think we could all just keep our curiosity to ourselves? Or is that asking too much?


jen said...

you might accidentally come across it, but there is no accident about opening it. we are all so curious and filled with exploration - it can blur the boundaries sometimes I suppose...but like you said, blogs are fair game, journals are a whole other gig.

Anji said...

well said!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't think the FBI is reading my blog.

But I think they ought to be.