Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day Dreaming is Hard Work!

Day dreaming is hard work. Don't let anyone tell you any different - please.

I feel strongly that we spread the word ... that the whole world learns to understand that for writers, journallers, and generally all creative types, day dreaming is hard work and an essential daily activity.

Think about it. Just a little. If the great inventors, writers and philosophers didn't sit under trees, look out to sea or even stare in to open space ... would we have a theory of gravity, so many fantastic novels, electricity or microwave ovens? I think not.

Day dreaming is the process of free thinking. A process which clears your mind of barriers and 'why not's' and re-fills your mind again with a perfect world and sometimes, just sometimes, the solution to how to achieve the perfect world.

Day dreamers unite. We need global action to promote our worthy cause.


Anonymous said...

I agree! I hate being disturbed when I'm day dreaming.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I come up with some of my best ideas when I am in bed waiting to fall asleep.

It's cool. I can claim that I am working, as I announce I am going to take a nap. And it's true!