Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Write the Day You Wish

Waht would you write in your journal in the morning, if you KNEW that what you wrote would be what happened?

It's an interesting thought isn't it? If you believe that your thoughts determine the experiences you have, then how powerful might it be to write your journal with all the things you wish for in your day ahead.

You could even write it as if the day had already happened.

Hmmm ... what would I wish for? What would you wish for?

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Diane said...

This is exactly what I'm writing for Nanowrimo. The title is Diary of the Future and the diary owner is a 16 year old girl.

Short excerpt:

"I leaf through the pages hurriedly, finding my way back to January 5, the date of the first conversation. The page is blank. As if nothing ever happened that day. Yet all of the other pages are filled with prose and angst and the invocation of Craig.

But January 5 is a blank page still waiting to be filled. I know that I first bumped into Craig last Tuesday. I know that this blank page is a lie, and I remember writing the entry.

But what if I accidently wrote the entry on the following week, and then the event repeated itself because that’s what was written in my diary. I drop my pen. No, not humanly, not physically possible. Surely me, Nickie Symons, could not have created the future just by writing it.

But there was only one way to find out….

And I started writing an entry for Wednesday January 13.

I wouldn’t have long to wait to test my theory. 24 hours and I would know if my journal was the diary of the future or if I was just going mad."

But of coures it's one thing to write what you want to happen, it's another thing to experience the unforeseen consequences. And when Nickie freaks right out and buries the diary because of the consequences, thats when the universe really starts to spin out of control!