Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Designing Reflective Journal Tasks

I admit to waxing lyrical about student journals. I especially admit to finding them difficult to grade - great to read, mark and provide student feedback that is really individual, but difficult to put a numerical value on.

So while I am preparing for the new semester of students which will soon be upon me, I am pondering how to design a journal activity (as opposed to an open journal) for the students. It's for a first year University class, in which we look at some pretty awful parts of history and try to make sense of them with contemporary minds ... thus there is plenty to reflect on.

In breaking down some tasks, it has taken me on a little internal journey examining how it is that I reflect in a journal piece. I know the theory about reflecting, I know how to do it ... but breaking it down into arbitrary steps is another thing.

So I'm taking my time in the design - despite the looming deadlines of the new semester ...

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