Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Diary to Check Out ...

Come on now! Admit it! You are enjoying reading other people's diaries aren't you?

There is a little bit of voyeur in us all. There is also a little bit of exhibitionist in us all as well - so do send in your journal, diary or notebook page. You can choose to be anonymous or not!

This week's entry is from a fellow blogger ... you can see if you can work out who it is. But I'm not telling. I'm not bad with a secret most of the time.

In the email accompanying these diary pages she told me, " I stopped writing a page a day in 1991 when my 3rd baby was born, it was just too much like hard work at the time. I would say that my main blog is definately my jounal now and I've already started to use it to check on details of events within the last 3 years."

I think that many bloggers who were also diary writers are doing a similar thing ... or not?

If you can't read it from the picture below - just click on it to make it larger ...

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