Friday, November 17, 2006

Just to protect myself ....

Hey and before someone comments and swears at me for speaking ill of the dead ... here is proof Kilvert was a grumpy old man! This is ALL that was in his entry for the day ... and I mean ... how poorly could children have behaved in Victorian times? This man is a Reverend for goodness sakes ...

"Monday, 16 February 1874
Greatly troubled by the licentiousness of the school children, especially Harriet Ferris, Mary Grimshaw and Lucy Halliday."

Come on now ... I reckon that statement would make it fair to perhaps even suggest he was mysoginist (& I reckon he was ... I could tell you some stories from his diary I tell you!). If you are gonna put someone down like these poor lassies ... at least tell us what they did wrong!!!!!!!!

The man is rather too fond of Hannah H's parsnip wine!

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Anonymous said...

I bet they were flirting! More pleeeaaaase