Thursday, November 09, 2006

Is this your Journal?

I am obsessed with the whole journal thing, I admit that ok? Now that I have admitted it ... you will insitinctively understand why I would buy an old diary or journal (if it's been written in) when I scour through second hand bookshops.

This diary page (opening page) is from such a find. It is a Children's Diary with dated pages and written by a young woman in1990.

It says: "This diary was meant for 1989 so the dates of ocassions may be different so I am using for 1990" [sic]

In the meantime let's see who this one belonged to once ... You had friends called Jodie, Sohpie and Lousie and you had a serious crush on Alex ...
Is it yours?

If not who's is it? This kind of thing totally facinates me.

I'm going to be asking for donations of journal pages soon ... so go through your journal and see if there is a page you are willing to rip out and send me or scan and send through. Some are for my research, but I will attempt to post one aweek on New Century Notebook too ...

Are you brave enough to have a page of your journal on display?

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CyberCelt said...

That is so sad. I wonder what happened to that person. Did they die? Buy a computer? Start writing poetry instead? Graduate from high school or college? Get married and have 3 kids?

Its like an abandoned blog. I always wonder, "what happened?"

Here for C&C Monday.