Tuesday, November 28, 2006

If You Are Still Trying to Get Your Blog To Pay For Itself....

Hey there! Still trying to make some cash to pay for your blogging exploits?

Funny thing this blogging hobby. I know there are plenty of you who are trying to make a living through your blogs somehow. It's not easy is it? While I think some blogs have great merchandising appeal, I know mine isn't one of them. I have even stopped the whole adsesne thing. I didn't like not having control over the ads that were coming up and it was kinda getting tacky!

There is a new-ish kid on the block you might like to try out. Pay Per Post - is actually that! They like to advertise on blogs that actually have some kind of style about them. Blogs with good writing, regular posting and some content that might actually interest people. So you need to have a really cool blog to get on board.

Once you are on board though you do have the opportunity to actually choose what goes on to your page, by choosing which things you might write about. And yes, they do pay per post as the name suggests.

It's up to you ... but I think its one of the more 'sure things' around at the moment for those of you looking to get paid to blog. Check them out.

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