Friday, March 10, 2006

Sorry for the Break In Transmission ....

Oh my god it is great to be back! Thanks to some very clever but painful script writer I have been off line due to a virus on my PC. Oh yes I do all the maintenance I can, and absolutely have the most up to date virus and spam software I can ... but as you all know these things happen even to the best of us ha ha.

"I was unprepared for the impact of not writing on my blogs for four days."

Sounds pathetic huh! Only four days and I am spoilt enough to a) have internet access at work to at least still use the 'net for other things I am reliant on it for like my banking ... and b) I have a notebook copmuter for my other writing. I am actually so spoilt that I COULD link my laptop to the 'net but I choose NOT to. It helps me keep focused on my book and other commercial writing by having a split. I know it is being terribly spoilt ... but the PC is a family one shared by four of us ... (excuses excuses).

Seriously - I miss the process of writing and working on the blogs the same as I do my paper notebook. And that fact came as a surprise to me.

I am happy to be back and have also been really happy to return to some surveys ... a big thank you to Notebook keeper JHP. Your email was fantastic.

This project has led me to meet so many interesting people on the internet. I love it. So many ways to explore our lives through notebooks and blogs. So many regular readers, and so many people with blogs as well who I am now lucky to have to liaise with.

This 'place' (if you can call the internet and blogging community that) is really a very supportive space if you just choose to and learn to use it. I missed it even for four days. And am glad to be back!!!!

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