Monday, March 13, 2006

Interactive Blogs

There is no way you would call this a particularly interactive blog. There are only ever a few comments - but there are a few shy people out there who email as well. I have also had the pleasure of many many more people chatting with me virtually, due to the survey. I have been thinking about the differences between blogs and journals and one of the main things is the audience.

We all know that having an audience does change what you write ... but I think that more importantly there is the audience who give you feedback. For me? I would not have expanded my blogging from two blogs to four. I would not have thought of as many things for the book - but I also would have written different things in the blog.

"Some people blog for the fame or being quoted. I think that I blog for the sense of virtual community."

The blogging community (whether as a writer of blogs or just commenting on them) is naturally interactive. I have seen some blogs with major feedback happening and people genuinely interested in each other and their lives. How cool is that? I suspect that the social impact of blogs is only just beginning to emerge ...

And to those who interact with me and this (and my other blogs)? Thanks for the e-friendships that are emerging ...

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