Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How To Part With a Good Book

Ever since my very relaxing Christmas break this year when my partner bought me a great novel to read, I have really got back in to reading in a way I haven't since I was a teenager loosing myself in good stories. I've always loved reading. It has always been a "place" to go to in my head for me. Essential to my well being, growth and sense of self. For many years as an adult I found myself reading more non fiction - especially during years of study. But as my kids have gotten older I have found myself drawn back to fiction again. Even some really bad fiction!
"When my partner bought me a book for Christmas of a new author that was "just right" it reminded me how much someone really needs to know you to buy you a book if you are a real book lover."

Anyway, somehow this act sent me in to a spin where I have been reading at my old teenager rate. Which brings me to the awful side of reading. When you really get in to a good book you have to say good bye to it at the end. I hate that. I really hate it. So I thought I would sahre the one technique that really works for me ... that might work for any other book lovers out there. When I am up to the second last chapter of the book I stop reading it. I put it aside for a couple of days. (Shock horror this is obviously hard to do!). However ... during this couple of days I start the NEXT book I am going to read. I read enough of it to feel like I know the characters (or at least identify with one of them). Then I go back to the book I was originally reading and it isn't so hard to 'say goodbye'.

So what does everyone else do? Or am I the only nutter out there reading????


Mr. Fabulous said...

Hmm...that's a really good idea. I feel that way with books all the time. Except I usually read faster until then end and then...


I'll try that!

Pamela J Weatherill said...

Emptiness ... now that describes it perfectly ... I am just starting "the next book" now and just can't get in to it enough ... the characters from the last book are "Still with me" like they are real ... or ghosts ... I suppose that's because the writer was so good!

Ariella said...

I get that all the time with books.
But I think if I did that technique the excitement of the last book and finishing it would have left me, and I'm worried it'll take the fun out of reading it.
This is the reason why I love series. Because you don't need to say good bye for a long time.