Sunday, March 19, 2006

Can You Have Too Many Blogs?

I'm sure that every blogger out there will agree with me that blogs are high maintenance relationships!!!! Add a family and full time work to the equation - and writing a book and articles to boot and my life is well and truly overflowing. So that begs the question ...
"Is four blogs too many?"

I personally don't hink so when they are all quite different in nature and audience. I love having a place to blog four different types of thoughts - there is just the occassional time that I feel obliged to put a posting in and that is when I wonder if four is too much.

This is where blogging - in my humble opinion - is similar to journal writing. You can have as many (or few) blank books as you want. Same with blogs. With great supports like Blogger and BlogCharm you can have as many (or as few) blog spaces as you like and all for free. So why not have more than one for different types of writing. This is excatly what I do with the plethora of blank books that line my bookshelves!

Similar to journal writing is the way each blog has its own look. Just like I would never use a good leather bound journal for something as banal as financial recoring or list making ... I would also never use a plain old exercise book from the stationery store for my daily morning pages or gratitude journal either ... that one has to be special (currently a red silk journal with hand made pages).

The environment that you write UPON is as important as the tools you use ... so that makes the template for each blog significant. (And quite honestly I think mine is boring but I have no idea how to make it more personalised so thus it stays as it is. This is a skill I have yet to learn).

So have as many blogs as you like!!!!


Thaed said...

One blog is enough for me. :)

Pamela J Weatherill said...

And what a cool blog you have too! I obviously have an obsession problem with blogs!