Friday, February 09, 2007

My Grandmother's Journal is in Australia (travelled from Canada!)

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I am actually rather overwhelmed today. Really overwhelmed to be honest.

Regular 'New Century Notebook' readers will know the basic background ... but here's a summary. I live in Perth Western Australia - possibly the furtherest Capital City from British Columbia Canada where I was born. I left there when I was 8 ... (yeah you can do the maths and work out my age ... it was 1970 when we left). The only blood family here in Australia are my kids, mum and dad, one brother ( & his kids) and my sister. I grew up not knowing my extended family - and with sketchy memories to say the least. My Grandma died 2 years before I was born.

Recently, my cousin's daughter has come to visit us here from Canada. It's been a blast having family around .... and one of the stories she told was about having read her Great Grandmother's diary. Check out previous post regarding my excitement that there was even a diary in existence ... My partner Stuart put up with me ranting non stop about how I really wanted to read Grandma's journal ... I needed to read it ... but didn't dare think I could actually hold it in my hands, thousands of miles from its origins ...

... The diary is now here ... sitting on my desk ... in front of me ...

You can only imagine the crazy emotions. I collect old diaries as part of my research, and to have my grandmother's here is such a gift. My cousin Reba is the most amazing cousin to have (albeit across the miles). First she lent us her daughter Carissa for a while (!) and then she posted the diary so we could all have a read here in the Antipodes.

I will feature the diary in some future posts - believe me there is some tear jerking to come. For now I just wanted to let regular readers know the exciting news and say a big THANK YOU to my cousin Reba!

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Evelyn Weatherill said...

I can hardly see this keyboard with the many TEARS that seem to come in the way!

When I read my Mothers words it has brought her back close to me again. To see her own handwritting has brought back many memories.

How proud she would be to know her unknown Granddaughter has taken so much interest in her. I can see the poud look on her face now.

Its Beautiful Pamela and it makes me very proud that you have taken such an interest of the most beautiful Grandmother that you did not meet.

Love Mum BUnbury W.A.