Saturday, February 10, 2007

Journal Journeys

You can learn heaps from reading someones journal.

However ...

You must always remember that the journal is never the whole story. They might have been fictionalised, sanitised or written knowing someone was going to read them and thus have an audience that you aren't really sure of. They must always be rad with respect. Unless of course someone has published their own journals and I reckon that gives you full permission to critique them the same as any other publication ...

And I want to repeat here that it is rude to read the journal of another person without some kind of permission. Published journals are fine. Journals that have been willingly passed down (or given) to family members (as long as you abide by any instructions) are fine, but other than that leave journals alone. Even if you stumble across an open page of your loved one's journal sitting on your desk!!!

Having put out that proviso - I will continue writing about my grandmother's journal here. There are some pages I don't wawnt to talk about until my Mum (now head of that particular line of the family) has read it. For now tho ... I just feel like yelling from the roof tops!

It is so much fun to discover my Grandma as a mum of adult children and grandchildren. To be connecting with a part of my heritage. Especially my female heritage right now ... sitting between my own mother before me and my daughter coming up behind ...

Does your diary or journal provide useful stories and memories for a future generation?(Click on images to enlarge)

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