Sunday, April 02, 2006

Journal vs Blog for Relaxation

Well here's a new discovery for me ... I haven't been feeling too great in the past few days (and I am not going to whinge!!!!). What I did discover during this time though is another difference in my reaction to blogging vs journalling. Despite not feeling 100% I still maintained all my basic journal committments (you know the basic ones you set for yourself ...for me that's morning pages and gratitude journal as a minimum). I even managed to complete my gratitude journal - you know the drift - things like "I might have a weeny virus but at least I am not dying of dengue fever" and "I can breathe - albeit through one nostril only". Real earth shattering stuff!

"I found writing in my routine way, in my luxurious red silk journal, quite comforting."
It was partly habit and partly to engage in comforting practices that I continued to write in my journal. And of course it was something I could do in bed with minimal effort (I have it set up that way on purpose even when I am well!).

As for blogging? The thought of sitting up at the screen with weepy orrifices was just not appealing. Neither was the effort of feeling the slight pressure that comes from knowing there is an audience. Now this isn't to say I am not happy sitting here writing my blog in my pj's without makeup on, but more that the content has to at least sound like perhaps I am a little classier than that.

Another one for Journal Vs Blog. Not better though - just different.


Benny said...

What ever you do, dont stop blogging - i am addicted

Pamela J Weatherill said...

Thanks for popping by ,.... enjoy the addiction!